Ronin's new found love of reading

Ronin has in the past three weeks developed a love of reading books that was non-existent before.  He would barely sit still for one book, definitely not three or four.

He must be growing up.  That and he loves spending time with his Daddy.  He could sit with Kevin all day and let Daddy read to him.  I watch in awe because even when I read to him, he gets tired, goes away, and plays.  

He has found the key to his Daddy's heart though.  Just when Kevin is exhausted with the book reading, and puts Ronin down,  Ronin goes and finds the "Jesus Loves the Little Children" book.  He brings it to Kevin, holds it up in front of his face and says, "Read Jesus."

Kevin can't resist.



"because" is always
an unfinished

because you have to 
fill in the blank 

"because" in love
is always the wanted

because it implies
everything and anything
at the same time

"because" in childhood
is required to be

because your parents
won't give you the
full answer

"because" in a fight
stirs confusion or

because the emptiness
after brings no

"because" is one 
pretty amazing 

because it can
accomplish so

why would you write
all this about

the answer you must
know is, of course:


peeing like i'm pregnant

But I am most definitely not pregnant.  

Davis got sick a couple weeks ago, then Ronin, then me.  My head felt like it was the size of a hot air ballon and the pressure was so immense that I finally went and saw the doctor.  

She gave me amoxicillin for the apparent sinus infection that I have and also gave me benzonate pearls for the nasty cough that's been keeping Kevin awake for a week now.  The only requirement for the pearls is that I have to drink lots of water.  

So much that I feel like I am constantly going to the bathroom.  I haven't frequented the bathroom like this since I was pregnant with Ronin.  

Maybe I should be drinking more water.


another round (back patio pics)

Upon Alissa's recommendation I thought I would post a few more pictures.  Enjoy.


photo shoot on the back patio

These are just some of my favorites, there are quite a bit more.

a good ol' back scratch

Ronin got sick around Friday or Saturday and during one of his sick nights, he awoke unable to get himself back to sleep.

Lately, he enjoys expressing his independence...a lot.  Apparently even in his sickness, he must maintain this.  I went in and picked him up to console him, but he wouldn't have it.  But he also did not want me to just leave him there.  

We eventually settled with him standing up in the bed, holding onto me with one hand and to the crib with the other and me scratching his back in a half hug.  After a minute or two of this, I asked him if he would lay down and I would scratch his back.  This was also okay with him, he laid down asked for his blankie, I scratched his back a little more and he drifted right back to sleep.