cooking with boys

A couple weeks ago, when our family was gathered for lunch, someone mentioned whose daughter I was.  Ronin nonchalantly looks up from eating and asks, "What's a daughter?"

Everyone chuckled, realizing that this is a word which does not fit into our vocabulary since there are four sons, four brothers, and only one mom.

The absence of girls really does change things, though I don't always notice just how much.

One night the boys were helping me make cookies (which means they poured in a few ingredients, stared at the mixer, and incessantly asked when the cookies would be ready).  As the butter and sugar were creaming, they both stood on stools; peering in unable to control their laughter.  Ronin thought the sound was exactly like the sound of their dart guns hitting each other on their bare backs.

After they recovered from laughing, their noses were nearly in the mixer smelling that wonderful aroma of sugar, butter, eggs, and vanilla.  They were breathing it in.

The store had been out of regular semi-sweet chocolate chips so I bought the mini ones instead.  As I poured them in, Davis exclaimed, "Bees!! It looks like a bunch of bees!"  As the chips were folded into the dough, it just affirmed it for him, "it really looks like a beehive now."  More laughter, this time from all three of us.

They sat on the counter after I had put the first batch in the oven.  Fresh baked cookies have a way of luring any boy into the kitchen and it wasn't long until Kevin was at the table waiting for a warm cookie.  Out of the first two batches of cookies only two were left on the plate; and three guys at the table with empty milk glasses, napkins with crumbs, and big smiles.