4-year-old approval

The wonderful and sometimes the worst thing about kids is that they are incredibly honest. A friend of ours who is a guy occasionally hangs out with Davis--for some quality guy time. Tonight they hung out, when he went to put Davis' booster seat back in my car, Davis runs out the door and says, "Wait! I'm coming with you, because I like you!"

There's just nothing quite like the profound acceptance and love from a child.


a good read

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything about Kevin or Mosul. Here's the link to an article about a couple guys in Kevin's unit that were injured not too long ago.

Scars, medals bear witness

The medic, Pittman, that is mentioned works with Kevin.

a lesson in complaining

When you have kids, you understand that some days just have a rough start. Today was one of those days. This morning I started fixing breakfast: French toast! (I fix it almost once a week, because it's Kevin's favorite, even though he's not here) Davis was pretty hungry and asked what was for breakfast, I told him, and he immediately started complaining.

I am thankful that God's grace is at work in my life and I know this because instead of telling Davis that he would eat french toast and like it, it became a teachable moment. A moment to teach him what it means to complain and how it's not polite or nice to others. I explained that sometimes complaining can hurt people's feelings (like if someone has cooked something for you and you say ugly things about it). He definitely understood the whole conversation because after a few minutes he looked at me and said, "Mommy, I'm sorry I complained about the french toast."

A few more minutes later, he tooted and said, "That didn't hurt my feelings, that tickled my feelings!"


death is just another story

Davis and I have been reading through The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every story whispers His Name (a side note: I highly recommend it, it shows how Jesus is the real Hero, it's very very well written, and the art/illustrations are beautiful--Davis spent nearly 45 minutes just looking through it when he first got it) by Sally Lloyd-Jones. We are now in the New Testament, so most of the stories are about Jesus or about stories/parables that Jesus told. For the past three stories, he keeps telling me that the next one is when Jesus dies, without flinching or looking sad.

I attend a small group from my church and we're reading through The Journey of Desire by Eldredge. Last week one of the major things that the author points out is Jesus' view on death. He references Paul when he says Jesus abolished death; He simply did away with it. Eldredge elaborates the point by talking about Jesus' dismissal of the subject matter, death was just another event in the course of the entire journey. Death is not the end. I could quote Paul again, "To live is Christ, to die is gain." Our view on death is so skewed, and I think that too many of us...particularly Christians forget that the beauty that we find in life here: whether that be in nature, children, or love, is but a glimpse of what's in store.

Tonight, after the story, Davis again told me that the next one is where Jesus dies and again with a nonchalant attitude. As a 4-year-old, Davis doesn't have the greatest grasp on time, but that's what sometimes makes things so beautiful from his perspective. He knows that Jesus is alive, and that must create in him a promise that death shouldn't be feared. Imagine the potential that life here would have if we could breathe in that promise of Jesus: death is not the end, in fact, it is the real beginning.


outside is the place to be

I promise I did not hurt him! Except maybe his feelings. The back sliding door and screen were open and Ronin trucked right on outside. He had only been out there a few seconds when I was called inside by Davis to help him in the bathroom, I couldn't leave little man outside so I had to bring him back in just for a few minutes. He loves it outside, and he was very upset! Most parents probably don't take pictures of these moments, but I couldn't help it, look at that face!

bunk beds

I ordered the bunk beds a couple days ago and they were delivered and assembled this morning. After seeing them in catalogs I wonder who in the world makes those beds?! It's a pretty difficult task, one I'm excited to share with Davis as he gets older. As you can see, it was well worth it, he loves his new "climbing bed."


we will rock you

There's a station on the radio in Colorado Springs called: "Jet, 107.9" and I have lately become a fan. For the most part they play classic rock, but occassionally you'll get a little Diana Ross thrown in the mix too and that's why I like it so much.

Today, as we (Davis, Ronin, me) were driving home, the song, "We Will Rock You" started playing. I turned it up, started the pound, pound, clap on my steering wheel, and did the classic rocker head bang. Davis chimed in (after I got him on the beat) and then did an awesome air guitar solo. Next, Ronin was clapping, bobbing his head, and waving his hands in the air (windows down, no less). I couldn't help but thinking Kevin would be proud.

Look out Colorado Springs, we will Rock you!


just a screen??

I know, I know, you're thinking why is Davis holding a screen (and why are his eyes closed)? Well, I can't tell you why his eyes are closed, but the story behind the screen: about two months after we first moved in, our windows were open, and Davis decided to push through the screen in his room. I finally took it out, bought the stuff to re-screen it, and did it!! The things you learn to do in life when you're a military wife!

a mere tape measure

We have a "Fat Max" tape measure, and every time we're upstairs, Davis is constantly measuring things. He loves it, and each time he'll say to me, "How is it?" Which means: how long is it? Today, we were upstairs (moving the boflex--we did it by the way, we're a great team!!) and he is at it again, measuring, then asking, "how is it?" 121 in., 178 in., 153 in., 5 in., and then I remembered he has his own tape measure now. My dad bought him one for his birthday, so we've been measuring downstairs now too, I reminded him of his own, and he rushed down to get it so we could both measure. Me with the Fat Max, and him with his way cooler Selflock lime green one (pictured above, you can pick one up at your local Lowe's). I measured his nose: 1in., his smile: 2in., and my bedside table: 14in. Who knew a tape measure could provide so much entertainment? Here we are with our tape measures attached to our pants, because that is sooo cool. I had to put the camera on self-timer just to get the shot. In the top picture, Davis is in his "I'm awesome and strong because I have a tape measure" pose.


birthdays birthdays everywhere!

These first pictures are from his actual birthday, I blew up a whole package of red balloons for him to find in the living room with his presents when he woke up, he loved it. His favorite present, from us was the "We Might Be Giants, Here Come the 123s" CD and DVD. As you can tell, even Ronin enjoyed the balloons.

Davis decided he would most like to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (surprised??). So today was the day, I made gluten free cupcakes with delicious frosting and sprinkles on top, he invited three boys from soccer, our neighbor, and a couple of my friends that are in turn his friends too. It went really well, so well, in fact that he didn't want to leave. It is particular moments like those that I am so so so thankful that he is now 4, because logic is really starting work in that little brain of his. From about one minute after we arrived until cupcake time, he was gone---from toy to toy to ride to play area. As a result, I have few pictures of him, but did get some good ones of Ronin, he can't get too far yet!

Ronin and his friend in the Chuck E. Car

Dancing with the Chuckster himself (on stage no less, I took my picture then told them all to get down :)! ) blowing out the candle on the cupcakedriving the monster truck

When we finally got home we tried out some of his new toys, but even 4 year olds need naps (at least mine does). He was sitting with me and I sighed and said, "My goodness, you are so big, I can't believe you're 4, what am I going to do with you?" He said, "Not carry me anymore? But maybe you could try." And try I did, all the way upstairs and into his bed!


my how time flies--Davis is 4

In honor of it being Davis' birthday I thought I'd share a great quote of his.

We were on our way to the on-post childcare for my morning off. Out of nowhere, he tells me,"Mommy, did you know that I love God and Jesus very much?"
"That is so great, Davis, did you know that I love God and Jesus very much too?"
"Yeah, and you know what...He knows our names," he said with excitement, then added,"He knows my name and your name and Daddy's name and Ronin's name!"

I was a little stressed out because we were running late, and then my little three-year-old theologian refreshes me in a truth about God's character. I found myself weeping at the beauty of that thought: He knows our names!

where have i been?

Good question folks, I realize it's been quite a while since I've put out any updates or posts.

I have been to Oklahoma,
then to glorious Glorieta, NM (over Memorial Day weekend with my family) and a short stop in South Fork, CO to see some friends
then to Dallas, TX for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.

Yes, it's been pretty crazy, but we're home for at least a month now and I haven't been this excited to be home in a long time! I'll post some pictures soon--of all the occasions.