cowboys and cannibals

What do cowboys and cannibals have to do with each other you ask? Nothing really, except it seems that's what my boys are. I've included a picture where Eli is not trying to eat Evan's head, just so you know they do actually love each other.
Here they are, loving each other. Eli is showing off his chubbiness, and Evan his almost steady contentedness.
And then, my cowboys. I have full-length pictures of both of them, boots, buckles, and all, but I couldn't resist posting this one with Ronin's face and Davis's smile.
Gotta love the giant pacifier and Eli eating his brother's head.


I love your love

Ronin is adjusting to the new babies in stride, he loves them and shows this by nuzzling them, almost like a puppy would. I called him my "middle son" for the first time not too long ago, which was a big eye-opener for me--we have a middle son now. It has been "our youngest and our oldest" for three years now, so this is quite a change.

It has been my hope that Ronin would not feel slighted or un-loved or un-appreciated. There are so many horrible things said about the middle child; as a result I have felt compelled to be intentional about giving him quality time and affection.

Occasionally I will say to him, "Know what?"
He says, "Uh-huh."
"You love me."

But today, I asked, "Guess what, Ronin?" And he applauded and with excitement said, almost shouted, "You LOVE me!"

Too often I feel like the middle child to God, and only because of myself, because He is constantly showering me with affection and lavishing me with love. I hope I can continue to learn from my children, to love His love with the kind of excitement that Ronin displays in knowing that I love him.