The Army is full of acronyms, this one stands for Special Events Center. It is the location of every Welcome Home Ceremony that will take place in the coming days and weeks. This morning I drove by and the place was packed; cars filled the lots and more were parked as close as possible.

This means only one thing at this particular time: Soldiers are home.

Not mine, not yet, but just the thought of that place full of embraces, smiles, and reunion brought tears to my eyes knowing that it's coming soon.


three words

At church a couple days ago, our pastor described his dad in three words: godly, wise, and fun. His dad passed away several years ago, so this man is remembered in these words.

Wouldn't you love for those to be the three words that sum you up? Or maybe there other ways you would like to be described, but what would they be, what three words would you want to be said of you?


new job and gmail

Kevin has been assigned a new job in the past couple weeks; it's a little boring, but he's learning to be content with boring. The incredibly positive aspect to this new job is that we have been able to talk more.

In fact, in the last week and a half he has been able to see the boys twice via Gmail's video chat, and I've talked with him on two other occasions. One time Kevin didn't have his headphones, so everyone in the room heard the incessant yells from Davis and Ronin exclaiming, "Hiiiiii! Daddy! Daddy! Hi! Daddy!" I think everyone was laughing, but most importantly, Kevin was smiling from ear to ear.

real-deal mom

Yesterday as I looked out my back patio window seeing the jogger stroller, play house, spiderman scooter, and tricycle, I realized something: I'm a mom. I mean, a real-deal mom.

This sounds pretty ridiculous since most of you know that I have two children, which means I've been a mom now for almost five years. The realization this time around is different than it was when I was pregnant with Davis. There was a sudden breakthrough: almost like my reality shifted; that this is really who I am.

Now, let's not be confused, it's not all I am. I am still me, still a daughter, still a friend, still a wife, but being a mother is what I do most and hopefully what I do best.


the stair slide

At around 9 months, Ronin figured out the best way to get down the stairs was to make his body as flat as possible so he would just slide down all the stairs. This maneuver has progressed and now both the boys slide down the stairs, but now it's not just out of necessity, it's more of a game. Take a look:



I know what you're thinking. Is there such a place? I can attest that there is and it's at the Fitz House. Sometime during our stay in Oklahoma Davis became a non-napper. While it has made bed-time a breeze: no more getting up five times a night stalling to go to sleep; my days are now really long. Nap-time was like half-time in a game. It allowed me to re-focus, rest for a minute or two, maybe even get a quick snack, and of course, check my e-mail.

Here's to a new chapter in Davis' life: no more napping! I'm sure we'll come out on top, but for now we're still working through what to do with two extra hours in the day.

a weasel in our house

Yes, it's true! Ever since we got back from Oklahoma we've had a weasel in our house. At least that's what Davis calls it. The real name: art eisel. I have even corrected him (only once, because c'mon we need the laughs), but he still calls it his weasel.

Everyone asks Davis what he got for Christmas, and the two things at the top his list are: the light saber and the weasel. People always give me a strange look until I clarify quietly that he means art eisel. He has yet to leave anyone with a frown.


from Peru with love

A dear friend of ours had the wonderful opportunity to go to Peru with her brother and a couple friends. She brought us back some excellent hats and I couldn't help but share them!
Yes, that is snot in Ronin's nose in case you were wondering. No, Davis isn't always naked, he just wanted to wear the hat right when he woke up. And yes, that is our dear friend!