shower the people you love

A couple weeks ago, I was showered with love by many friends and some family. We walked away with so many matching outfits and several things we really needed, like lots and lots of diapers.
my friend Jenny, who came all the way from Tulsa!
friends Courtni and Cynda since Kindergarden who made the whole thing happen
diaper cakes made by one of my "second moms," Janie

Thank you to all who made it, I really appreciate all of you!


@ 30 weeks

30 weeks seems like a milestone to me, and I guess it is because now I get to see the doctor twice a week instead of just once until the babies come.

They are weighing in at 3lbs.4oz. (Evan/Recipient baby) and 2lbs.12oz. (Eli/Donor baby). The main thing we're watching now is their hearts. The walls of Evan's heart are still thick and the blood flow in Eli's heart still needs improvement. The recovery that they have made so far is amazing! I have seen so many ultrasounds now even I can see a difference when I see their little hearts beat.


the older princes

Davis started Kindergarden a couple weeks ago, and Ronin and I now have a few hours of quality time every morning. I think all of us are enjoying this short season before the twins arrive.