Recent Articles

There's a lot going on in Mosul. Here are some recent articles about things that are happening:

The kidnapping of the archbishop of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Mosul

Projected Status of Mosul by July

Suicide bomber bus attack

first time ever

We were at the airport last weekend, going through the security checkpoint. I had the boys in tow as always, I got out our boarding passes and my military ID (because it's always the easiest to get to) and handed it to the woman. She checked the boarding passes, handed them back to me and said, "Thank you for your service as a wife."

Occasionally people thank me, or tell me they appreciate what I do, but it's usually people close to me who know what a regular day is like, not the airport security person. I responded with a heart-felt thank you to the woman and walked on softened by the fact that anyone would think to thank the spouse.

the sickies

A couple weeks ago, the three of us (Davis, Ronin, me) had a little bit of the flu that's going around. Poor Davis really wanted someone to play with him, and I just couldn't muster enough energy to get up. It was the very next week that he was sick and didn't want to do much besides sit on the couch. It took about two weeks total for all of us to get through it, and it wasn't too horrible. However...

The night we got home from Oklahoma (2.25.08) I was catching up on email when I heard a cough that didn't sound right from Ronin. I went in to find he had thrown up all over the crib, bumper pads, and himself. I thought it was just something he ate, but when I put his pack-n-play up for him to sleep in, he threw up again. After that he finally slept until around 6am, he nursed well then sat up to burp and lost everything right there on my sheets! I did three loads of laundry that night and early morning. I stayed up with him for almost an hour as he sipped diluted 7up then put him down, by 11am he was just fine. The next day, I knew it was a bug, because I got sick. Then when Davis woke up from his nap, he got sick. After the first time he threw up, he made it to the bathroom every time--I was very impressed. Like a good mom, I had given him a few Oreos after he ate a good lunch--I got to see them all over again.

Davis thought his Oreo puke looked like poop. In fact, he told me he had pooped when in fact he had thrown up. Today he was in the bathroom and informed me that he was pooping, but clarified for me it was "regular poop, not throat poo poo like yesterday." I had to walk away because I was laughing so hard.

Those three days of the stomach bug might have been worth it just for that.


that voice...

It's like a breath of fresh air or maybe it's actually being able to breathe easier or maybe a little bit of both. When I answer the phone and hear Kevin's voice on the other end, that's what happens. There is a calm that comes over me that usually requires a soft touch or an embrace, but in these days all it takes is his voice.


I guess I'm not growed up

My mom called and Davis always wants to talk his grandparents, so I passed the phone on to him. After talking to her for a few minutes, he asked if he could talk to Papa. She told him that he wasn't with her. "Oh," he said, "Are you at work?" My mom told him she was and he responded, "We're not at work. Cause I'm not growed up yet. But I'm growing up."


beautiful outside, dreary inside

Today is the nicest day we've had in Colorado Springs in a long time, I went outside with a t-shirt and sandals and felt just fine! It made me feel great, and put a little hope inside my heart for the promise of Spring. However...

Last week, Ronin and I were both sick, I felt horrible for Davis because he really wanted someone to play with him and I just couldn't muster enough energy. Now, Davis is sick. I always know when he's sick: he just lays on the floor, wants me to hold him, and barely eats. While I feel terrible that there's not much I can do, it is one of those times where the simple fact that I am his mom and I'll hold him, makes him feel a little better.


More on Mosul...

Well, Mosul is the hot spot. Just recently there was an article published in USA Today (thanks Georganne) about what's happening in Mosul. They actually quoted Kevin's platoon leader, Lt. Dickinson, from his previous deployment (who is doing quite a different job this time around). The article isn't very long, so if you've got a minute, check it out right here.


News Article and pictures

The local newspaper here is called the Gazette and there's a fellow who's covering the story of Fort Carson soldiers; he recently wrote an article about the five Soldiers I mentioned in an earlier post. You can also look at a slideshow of pictures from Mosul, Iraq (click on the link dated Feb. 4). There aren't any pictures of Kevin, but it does give a feel for what it's like in the area.


everybody needs a laugh

Davis and I were enjoying lunch today when he asks me,
"Do you smell that stinky toot?"
"Nope, I sure don't," I say thankfully.
"Well, I do, because I'm from right here," he says as he points to himself.

safety is an illusion

A pretty heavy thought if you really take it in. However, being a mother of two and a wife of a deployed soldier, this has become a reality to me over and over again.

Two weeks ago, Ronin had one of the biggest falls ever (to a mom). He cried and screamed for at least twenty minutes; it left a sinking feeling in my chest that cannot be explained. I held him, but he could not be soothed, the pain was not subsiding and the comfort of Mommy's arms was not enough.

A couple days ago Davis, Ronin, and I were at a playground, there were a couple other kids around Davis's age and he was having a good time when we were suddenly joined by about thirty middle-schoolers. Time to go. The "big kids" weren't even there thirty seconds before I heard, "Oh my God!" and "Crap!" Things I don't particularly want my three-year old repeating; things, in fact, that I have already had to correct him from saying.

I received notification that five Soldiers were KIA (killed in action) in Mosul, Iraq. There are procedures in place that prevent the news from giving this kind of information to immediate family members (thank goodness!!), so when I heard through a military source, I knew that it was not Kevin, but I did know that he probably knew them since they were from his unit.

There is no place in this world where we are free from harm. I could keep my kids inside the house all day every day and it would not keep them from getting hurt. While I can teach Davis how to be a good boy and the things that are inappropiate for him to say; I will not always be there. And though Kevin is in a technically "safer" place than some; he is not immune to the tactics of the insurgents in Iraq.

The only "safety" I have found is in the hands of Jesus. He does not give us an illusion that life will be easy, risk-free, or continually pleasant, but what He does give us is the promise of His presence during the turbulence, the pain, and difficulty.