a new definition of growth

Chalk it up to “Kids say the darnedest things” if you want, but a few weeks ago Davis let us in on something huge.

He said it like this, “Every time Jesus talks to you, you grow!”

He came up with this on his own, so we had to explain to him that this is incredibly true, but you grow on the inside; you grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Davis thinks this is one of the coolest things ever, and we do too.

I hope the next time your child makes a joyful noise for the glory of Jesus you will get just as excited as you did when he (or she) finally brushed his teeth by himself.

niceness goes a long way

Now that I’m in the world of retail again, I constantly see the true nature of people. Most times it is a little disappointing: people getting outright angry about a book not being in stock three weeks before class starts, customers without an ounce of patience for a new cashier, employees who think they should be paid without working.

The disappointment comes from both sides of the retail arena, but what I’ve found is when someone is nice to me, I feel much more at liberty to assist them in any way I can. The reverse is almost always true too: when I am nice, a customer tries to help me as I help them.

Pretty wonderful what a little bit of kindness can do.

this house

We are moved in, minus a few random boxes and whatever is left in the garage. Kevin did a wonderful job directing traffic for the movers while I was at work.

It is strange how accustomed we become to having our own space. Our time with the in-laws was great, but it is quite glorious to have our own place again. We are little farther south than we had hoped, but I’m sure there is purpose, which we have not yet seen.

At our first dinner in the new place, Davis looked up and said, “Ya’ know, I think this house is perfect.”

“Me too, Davis, me too.”