Kept Promises

I cannot count the times that I have broken promises.  To my husband, to my parents, to my children.  From tiny insignificant ones to big nasty ones.  Sometimes it crushes my heart, and deeply grieves me that I have broken trust; other times…it doesn’t.  The devastating thing is that this will keep on happening, hopefully less frequent, but it is a guarantee that I will continue to fail, either by forgetfulness or selfishness. 

Strangely, even though I have this great ability to break promises; I am offended when others break their promises to me.  Observation has shown me I’m not alone in this.

There is one.  One who has never broken a single promise, whether tiny or massive, he has kept his word Every. Single. Time.  You probably know him, or at least you’ve heard of him.   
Difficulty mounts in my heart when he beckons me to trust him with the lives of my children.  When a little voice on the other end of the phone cries because of the pain he feels from the words and actions of another.

It is so hard for our human hearts not to assume God will break his promises just like everyone else we know.  But the absolute truth he keeps pressing in on my heart is that he is just as faithful to my children as he is to me.  He will keep Every.  Single.  Promise.  I can bank on it.