the Davis version of worship songs

Davis really likes the song "Blessed be Your Name" by Matt Redman . For a few months now, he will occassionally sing it, only he sings it like this, "Listen to the Name of God" if you're familiar with the song, then you know the chorus says, "Blessed be the Name of the Lord, Blessed be Your Name." So imagine Davis emphatically singing his own version, which I think functions really well. We also like the song, "Come and Listen" by David Crowder. A few nights ago, I was talking to a friend and Davis started belting out his version of the first song (while he was supposed to be sleeping), but then, he bridged the two songs together. This works particularly well when the Davis lyrics are "listen to Name of God." I quietly went up the stairs so that maybe my friend could hear Davis singing via the phone. She did, and enjoyed it just about as much as I did. I tried to capture it on video, but the screen is black, since he should have been asleep.

the ways I'm like my dad

No, my Dad is not a big fan of Thomas the Train. Today, this book came apart. We have had it since '06-ish. Davis fell in love with the book one day at Borders, I read it to him several times there, we bought it (it's only $3.25), and then I read it many more times to him through the course of the past couple years. Some would have said it was time to say goodbye to a book that falls apart, some would have given it away or maybe just put it away. Me? No, because tucked away inside me are traits of my father that you cannot see, like the habit of not giving things away, or throwing things away because you just know you can fix it. Such is the case with Thomas's ABC Book. When Davis realized that Ronin had torn it apart, he looked at me with such a sad face to deliver the news. I didn't even flinch, "No worries, Davis, we can fix that!" Out came the packing tape (the beauty of packing tape is that it's clear, so you can't always tell that something has been repaired) and I fixed it up. Thanks, Pops.


you know you're a mom when...

You go to a meeting and while taking notes, you catch a glimpse of a Chuck E. Cheese sticker on your shirt.


just to see his face

With Kevin's return being so soon, the whole house is excited! I have been doing small and big things to prepare for him being home, we have made countdown days to tear off each day, and there is a weight that seems to have lifted just in knowing he's coming soon. I was up later than usual last night because I was visiting with a friend. I have a routine of checking my email before I go to bed no matter how late it is, so even though it was around midnight, I was checking my email, and Kevin was online! The computer he was on had a webcam and so for the first time in six months I saw his face.

In all the joy, I have been convicted: is this not the picture of how I should be waiting expectantly for the return of Jesus. The promise of His coming should enable me to walk through life with a joy immeasurable. The thought of seeing His face should excite me to no end. And I should be living in such a way that I am always preparing for That Day. For too many of us the day-to-day grind of life fills us with apathy, we forget our purpose, and live without a joy that is available and abundant. I also know that there are many of you who have never been away from your spouse for ten months and can't imagine what a reunion after that amount of time must be like. I encourage you...imagine. He is coming, and it will be a more beautiful reunion than any other!

hangin' out at the house

Our neighbors gave us this house and we've been having fun in it ever since. Davis likes climbing around on top and Ronin likes saying "Hi," "Eh-oh," and "Bye" to whoever he's imagining is on the other end of the phone. Davis also pretends to make ice cream and serves it out the side window. If you ever come by, be prepared to pick up your order.


can't wait!!

We finally got a somewhat definite date to when Kevin comes home for leave. Obviously I can't post that date on this ever so public forum, but it should be sufficient to say it's less than two weeks!! Thanks to those of you who have endured so much of this time with us, it is almost time to celebrate!


real phones, real Life

Ronin likes to play; right now, it's the only thing he likes to do, he doesn't like to sit still for anything. Lately his favorite toy is a phone that a friend gave us. It is a real phone, it is completely functional: the keys work, the sounds work, the camera works, it even will make a call--but you'll only hear an automated voice telling you your service cannot be validated. Ronin has since lost interest in his "play" phones. None of them make him happy quite like the real one.

I am pretty amazed at his affinity for things that are "real" that he can play with, it doesn't matter what it is, it's better if it's the real thing. It didn't take too long for it to hit me that I am no different. To me it's better to have the real thing: Dr. Pepper is better than Dr. Thunder (the Sam's choice version), Sugar is better than Splenda, a haircut at a salon is better than at Supercuts, and the list could go on, but the point is the same I have a sense that there is more value in things that are genuine (it's even true of non-tangibles). It's also true of life in Jesus, that is where real life is, it is where we will feel truly human, because only in Him will we be fully functional.

Jones Soda

We've had a bottle of Jones Soda in our fridge for a while now and I felt like today was the day to drink it. I'm a fan of Jones Soda, you can probably guess why if you check out their website. We don't drink soda very often though, I'm assured of this because I let Davis have a little taste in his own cup. He said it was "spicy" apparently carbonation is spicy. A few minutes later, he says, "Ooh, I just had a spicy burp from my spicy drink." Thank you Jones, for adding a little spice to our life today!



Davis loves Transformers, even though he has only seen part of the movie. I caught him pretending to be Bumblebee at the playground once, actually buzzing around. But a couple weeks ago, he gets this really cool Transformer voice and says, "I am Octopus Pride!" While I laughed hysterically, I corrected him. He could suffer horribly on the playground for that one.


pantheism v. omnipresence

The distinction between pantheism and the omnipresence of God is something very important to explain to children, specifically Davis. I realized just how easily the transition of thought from God is everywhere to God is in everything could come if you weren't aware of the very significant difference.

Ronin's first big ow-ie

I'm surprised that this hasn't happened sooner, a scratch like the one you see on his forehead. The boy has no sense of caution: he only knows not to jump off the couch because it's a "no-no"; he has learned how to make his body like a surfboard so he can glide down the stairs as fast as possible; he bangs his head on our front screen door, and these are just a few of the things he does.

Ronin was walking down our small front sidewalk and lost his balance, he partially softened his fall with his hands, but obviously it wasn't enough. Also, the scratch looks worse now than it did when I took the picture.

new car and new shoes

I made a commitment not to purchase any shoes in 2008, but I gave myself one allowance, and that was to buy a pair of shoes to welcome Kevin home in, these are the ones.

While in Oklahoma last week, we got a new car, obivously there's a story/explanation, but maybe that will come in a later post. For now, here's a picture (thanks Nissan) of our new car--except ours is black, the Nissan Rogue, it's definitely a step up from our Honda, which served us well: it had 223,500 miles.

a real deal walker

Some of you know the saga of Ronin's adventure in walking. It just seems it has taken a very long time for him to be confidently and consistently walking. A couple weeks ago, I could finally say that Ronin is walking! Here's a video as proof for you skeptics!


blenders and sponges

If you have ever been around a toddler you know that you only need to say something twice for them to soak it up and spit right back at you. You may have even heard a parent call their little one a sponge. This is true 100%! It's why it's so imperative during those language learning years that you're not spouting off words that don't sound appropriate coming out of children's mouths.

A recent discovery is that if toddlers are sponges, then kids are blenders. The sponge principle doesn't work anymore. Everything is definitely going in, loads of it, but if you push the right button at the right time, everything comes exploding out. This is what seems to be happening with Davis lately. He may hear new words: "appetizer" or "introduction" and he'll just toss them out randomly in the middle of a sentence where they don't even fit. It is entertaining to see him trying to make a smoothie out of his mess.

theology on a bumper sticker?

In fact, if it was supposed to be theology, it was a poor attempt. The bumper sticker read "My Way IS the Highway. -God" And if theology doesn't work, how about a political viewpoint: "Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam"? These bumper stickers were among the few things that really sparked my thoughts (and possibly a little anger) on our road trip to Lubbock. Has anybody else seen some quality bumper stickers lately (no profanities please)?


cherry tomatoes and an awesome park

I'll be really honest, I don't like to eat tomatoes by themselves. But when I was offered one from the Farmer's Market at America the Beautiful Park, I thought, "Why not?" After taking a handful, I decided to get my own bag for 3 bucks. In the picture, probably a third of them have already been eaten. After scoping out the Farmer's Marker, we went to the playground. It just might be one of the coolest I've ever seen. Everyone enjoyed it, especially me. They have these little spinning seats, first I spun Davis and nearly propelled him off of it (not realizing how fast it goes). I decided I needed to take a turn, so my friend Kristi did the honors of spinning me. It was so much fun! I was going so fast that I couldn't even pull myself in. It was a great reminder that all of us should enjoy the simpler things in life, like spinning seats! Well, maybe not all, like those people who get sick from spinning.


9 months

Today we are officially nine months into this deployment. It was nine months ago today that Kevin left for Iraq. It's also now 185 days 'til the end of tour, just for the record. You can be sure we are counting down the days in our home!