I love your love

Ronin is adjusting to the new babies in stride, he loves them and shows this by nuzzling them, almost like a puppy would. I called him my "middle son" for the first time not too long ago, which was a big eye-opener for me--we have a middle son now. It has been "our youngest and our oldest" for three years now, so this is quite a change.

It has been my hope that Ronin would not feel slighted or un-loved or un-appreciated. There are so many horrible things said about the middle child; as a result I have felt compelled to be intentional about giving him quality time and affection.

Occasionally I will say to him, "Know what?"
He says, "Uh-huh."
"You love me."

But today, I asked, "Guess what, Ronin?" And he applauded and with excitement said, almost shouted, "You LOVE me!"

Too often I feel like the middle child to God, and only because of myself, because He is constantly showering me with affection and lavishing me with love. I hope I can continue to learn from my children, to love His love with the kind of excitement that Ronin displays in knowing that I love him.

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  1. this is precious!! Brit's dad did the same to him when he was young! The "you know what? ... i love you!" deal and it is so special to him today, as he says it to me sometimes now too. You are such a good mother, Kristen!!