resting means trusting

Several weeks after delivering the twins, Kevin and I wanted to take our older boys for an outing to remind them how special they are to us, even though the new babies dominated most of our time.

We got some frozen yogurt. Both the boys ate up every last bite of their specially mixed treat.
Then, we went to a park close to our house. The boys were pretty sure they heard some construction in the distance, so Dad, Davis, and Ronin took off on an adventure, and I made myself comfortable in a swing.

As I sat, I watched them run, laugh, yell, and enjoy their time together. I hadn't noticed even a hint of wind while we were outside, but I noticed I was gently swaying in the swing.

The presence of God was so evident to me in that moment: when we are at rest in Him, we will easily be moved by Him, but we have to trust He will hold us. The resting in Him is not with anxiety, but with abandon.

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  1. The concept of stoping and resting is a foreign concept, especially in many churches. I'm proned to work and labor in effort to make myself acceptable to God. When in essence this very thought is counter to the gospel. This reminder is noted, rest in God and all that He is for me in Jesus!

    patrick fitz