get on the floor

A few weeks ago, after a full day, making dinner, and cleaning up, I was exhausted.  I wobbled into the living room and laid on the floor.  It only took two minutes for both the babies to come charging at me, climbing on and over me; in two more minutes, the big boys were rolling around too, and in two more, Kevin was there too. 

It turned into tickling, laughing, and playing for at least twenty minutes.  We were having so much fun; I hardly realized it was time for bed.  As all of us caught our breath, I sent the boys off to get ready for bed, and then changed the babies into their pajamas.  Once everyone was settled in their beds, and Kevin and I were sitting comfortably, he looked over at me and said, “That was fun, huh?”

It is pretty easy to get lost in the mundane tasks of our days, and forget to laugh and play.  I think we would all be pleasantly surprised at what happens when we get on the floor. 

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