the sickies

A couple weeks ago, the three of us (Davis, Ronin, me) had a little bit of the flu that's going around. Poor Davis really wanted someone to play with him, and I just couldn't muster enough energy to get up. It was the very next week that he was sick and didn't want to do much besides sit on the couch. It took about two weeks total for all of us to get through it, and it wasn't too horrible. However...

The night we got home from Oklahoma (2.25.08) I was catching up on email when I heard a cough that didn't sound right from Ronin. I went in to find he had thrown up all over the crib, bumper pads, and himself. I thought it was just something he ate, but when I put his pack-n-play up for him to sleep in, he threw up again. After that he finally slept until around 6am, he nursed well then sat up to burp and lost everything right there on my sheets! I did three loads of laundry that night and early morning. I stayed up with him for almost an hour as he sipped diluted 7up then put him down, by 11am he was just fine. The next day, I knew it was a bug, because I got sick. Then when Davis woke up from his nap, he got sick. After the first time he threw up, he made it to the bathroom every time--I was very impressed. Like a good mom, I had given him a few Oreos after he ate a good lunch--I got to see them all over again.

Davis thought his Oreo puke looked like poop. In fact, he told me he had pooped when in fact he had thrown up. Today he was in the bathroom and informed me that he was pooping, but clarified for me it was "regular poop, not throat poo poo like yesterday." I had to walk away because I was laughing so hard.

Those three days of the stomach bug might have been worth it just for that.

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