creativity even kids can love

I have been trying to think of things that I (or we) could make for Christmas that are still good gifts (or additions to gifts). I came across Martha Stewart's holiday magazine while in Borders and it has a lot of fun things to make, even cookies! My favorite were the beaded letters and stars. I made some of them yesterday and Davis made a star and had fun doing it! Here are some pictures of the turnout:


  1. Wow! Those look amazing...just like in the magazine. Good job!

  2. love them! what kind of wire is used?

  3. 20 guage wire. Martha Stewart gives a template of letters that you can enlarge, but I just found a font in Microsoft Word that was to my liking and enlarged the it to around 228-248 then printed my own template. Since I don't have a copier handy at my house. :)