a hand to hold

Ronin was itching to go outside today, so we put on our sweaters and headed out the door. He was already holding my hand, but was having a little trouble with the steps, so he just reached out and grabbed Davis's hand for help.

Early this morning (4:45 am) we took Kevin to the airport to say goodbye, again. This time only for three months (give or take). Davis attempted to make himself feel better, he said to me in the car, "Maybe something silly will make me happy" and then he started spouting off nonsense words and we shared a soft giggle, but then he said, "No, silly things aren't making me happy, I just want Daddy."

I shared the sentiment, and later when I saw Ronin instinctually grab his brother's hand for help, I prayed that I would be the same. Not just today, but as I walk through life when I know I can't make it down a steep step, I hope that I will instinctually reach out and grab a hand for help. Sometimes it means you won't fall, but sometimes it means you fall together.


  1. I absolutely love your writing.

  2. I second that, you do write really well! Three more months? Will he be home for a long time then?

  3. home for good then, in fact we'll be separating from the Army at that point. it's been quite a ride, but we're ready to be together for more than a year. :)