in the garden...er, mom and dad's room

Ronin is officially a big boy, the crib has been taken down.  He has been successfully sleeping in the bottom bunk for three nights now.  However, last night, was a little challenging.  

Davis was playing watchdog and came down to tell us that Ronin was no longer under his covers.  The problem is obvious: to know this, he had to be out of bed himself.  Moments later, I went upstairs to check on the boys.  As I reached the landing upstairs, I saw Davis run into our room and hide.  

Thousands of years later and essentially nothing has changed.  The moment Adam and Eve knew they had done wrong, they hid themselves.  Our son did the same thing.  He even hid in our room!  How silly, and how silly were Adam and Eve to hide in "God's room" as if He would not find them.

When we hide the discipline or the sacrifice is going to be worse.  Because the truth is, you can't hide.


  1. i love how you made that connection. it's so true. As an oldest child of 4 kids, i sympathize with poor davis. :( lol, you're a good mom.

  2. thanks...and I didn't know you were the oldest, whew!