meeting Dave Cullen

Flushed cheeks gave away my nervousness.  You might say he's just a writer, but a published, best-selling author is not just a writer.  The written word seems to be decreasing in value, and the internet is taking the place of all publications.

Cullen is a success.  He wrote Columbine, and the success is not that he managed to get it published, but that the book is connecting with people, engaging people in a traumatic event years later, and answering questions so many have wondered.

I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting face to face with him, while he signed copies of his book, and listen intently as he answered my questions about the writing process.  I left encouraged, educated, and inspired to press on in writing my book. 

Thank you, Dave.


  1. I"m excited for that. I miss you and am encouraged to hear you're still pressing on in the dream and art of writing.

  2. What do you plan to write a book on?

  3. likely our adventures in the Army, deployment, separation, etc. or maybe on motherhood (inspired by the Mother's Day post)