music makes us linger

Our previous pastor said this last month when we were in Colorado in reference to letting our minds dwell on what God has said in the Bible.

Last night we went to a Waterdeep concert (ahem...my favorite band of all time), a guy named Justin McRoberts opened for them. His music and voice seemed so familiar to me, so we looked him up on Grooveshark today. After a few songs, I had complete recognition; I bought his CD years ago, but all my CDs have been stolen since then.

The more I listened to his music, the longer I lingered, an entire season of my life came back to me that I seemed to have forgotten. It was one of those times in life where not much is happening, an in-between-time. The music brought with it the feeling of being in my old '89 Nissan pick-up, when prayer was something constant to me, talking to Jesus like He was always with me.

As we get older, different relationships, situations, and seasons seem to bring a hindrance to the way we talk to Jesus. He is always there. May we be mindful enough to hold in tension the wonder of a God who created the universe, yet also desires sweet conversations with us.