constant pretending

from: 3Nov09

This morning was gorgeous: sun shining, enough chill in the air for a sweater, and the most beautiful boys playing in the backyard.

I played with them, pretending to be a customer to D&R’s Bakery where I waited for my number to be called, picked up my cupcakes, and paid the “cashier.”

As kids, our imaginations take us to distant lands and outer space, but sometimes it just takes us into the future…of our own lives. Two of my best friends and I in elementary school would play “street,” riding our bicycles on the sidewalks pretending to go from work to home, occasionally pulled over by the police for speeding.

What is it I now do that is merely pretense for the “age to come?” A little reflection forces me to believe it is not my 8-5, rather it is the moments I laugh so hard I cry, love so deep I ache, and feel immense life that is even in each breath I take.

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  1. I love the way you write and how your heart shows in every post.