For those of you in Oklahoma, you know the best time to play outside is anytime before 10am. It was a Sunday, so the boys were already dressed, the babies were taking an early nap to prepare for the long day, and Kevin wasn't feeling well, so he was resting too.

I stepped outside and it actually felt nice; Davis and Ronin were ushered outside and I joined them in a lawn chair with my coffee cup. I went in to check on the babies and Kevin, after talking with Kevin for five minutes, I told him I needed to go back outside because I had told the big boys I would. The sound of the sliding back door told me I had already waited too long.

I looked up and this is what I saw, two little Braveheart boys ready for battle. Not only were their faces blue, their arms and legs were too. I sent them outside to take off their shirts (which were smeared with blue chalk too). Kevin looked at me, smiling, and said, "It really is pretty funny."

The not-so-funny part: we needed to leave for church in twenty minutes and I wasn't even ready yet. I rotated them through the shower, leaning in and scrubbing their faces, arms, and legs. They were being exactly what God created them to be: boys. Thankfully, God gave me the grace to laugh and not scream when I saw blue-faced-boys standing at my door.

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