I am beginning to understand why my parents, grandparents, and others are constantly in awe when looking at our children. Look at this kid, he is seven (he is holding up the sign for 7), and he never ceases to amaze me. From his love for Jesus to his love for chocolate milk, he is a passionate boy.
We have been through a lot, he is the one boy who will always remember the ache of Kevin's absence through two deployments. He fiercely loves his Daddy, and wants to be like him, which is the only reason I ever let him cut his hair almost completely off.

Davis loves his brothers and wants to lead them well, he has even called himself the "leader of the pack" He is learning how to be tough, how to communicate with Ronin, and how to hold and carry his little brothers.
He has an appreciation for the wonder and beauty of nature, he will exclaim to me, "Mom, isn't that sunset beautiful!" My response is always, "Yes, yes it is." I am confounded at how God has given him such a sensitive heart and eye for the things of Him.
For his birthday, we buried some treasure and hid a map; he and his friends searched the backyard and eventually dug up the box of money. We are so thankful for seven years with this wonderful boy and thank Jesus for the treasure of our son.

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