excuse me, sir

Parenting is by far the most difficult and rewarding job I have ever had. It takes an incredible amount of consistency, and at the end of the day you hope you're doing a good job. Most of the time the evidence of your long hours come out in little tiny moments. This happened with Davis just a couple days ago...

I was at the mall on Tuesday with a friend and we were perusing the shoe section of a certain store. Davis was making me proud by looking around at the shoes (and not touching them) and trying out the chairs. We were ready to head to Chic-fil-A to get some lunch, so I asked to Davis to come with us and it was time to go, again, he immediately obeyed and headed our direction.

There was an elderly couple right in his path, he got close to them, slowed down, and said, "Excuse me sir" then passed by them. Both of them looked at him with this look on their faces that communicated, "Wow, have you ever seen such a polite little child!"

A tiny moment that I don't think I'll ever forget!

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