just like Daddy

At some point in each day, Davis pretends to be a Soldier like Daddy. He has to "poom" (as in the sound a gun makes: poom poom) the bad guys like Daddy does. While in our culture being married to someone doesn't always indicate that you love them deeply and that they are your favorite person to be around, this is definitely the case for Kevin and me. Consequently, I love that Davis wants to be just like his Daddy.

Before Kevin left, he gave Davis a couple ACE bandages to play with because he didn't need them for his Aid bag. Those bandages have been many things: roads for the cars, gates, and a device for propelling things into the air; but most recently they have become his Soldier uniform. I have to wrap him up in the bandages then put his reflector on and then he takes a sword and a pretend gun and he gets to work pooming the bad guys. A couple days ago, while in action, he says in this tough guy voice, "I have to poom the bad guys because Bush told me to poom the bad guys!" Let this be a lesson that children are always listening!

Today was the one of the best though, he looks at his sock and says excitedly, "Hey, I have a hole in my sock too!" I asked in return, "Who else has a hole in their sock?" His response,
"Daddy does!!"

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  1. Good stories!
    I'm glad you three are doing well.
    I am definitely still praying for Kevin- he and the war are definitely at the forefront of my mind these days and in regards to the elections.