they grow up so fast

So--in the last week and half Ronin has started sitting up by himself, had his first Cheerios, taken a bath with brother in the big tub (too fun!), changed to Stage 2 foods, and eats something like three meals a day. It just goes too fast, but everyday is an adventure, especially when you put a big brother into the mix too! One thing that warms my heart is to hear my children laugh, Davis and Ronin both, that genuine laughter--there's not much better (except maybe when Kevin calls :) ). In light of that, here's a video taken with Davis's camera of Ronin being tickled and laughing.


  1. heya there kristen. i just caught up on some reading. that is, reading of your thoughts on this handy dandy blog. you make me smile. :) but not sideways, no matter what that computerized smile suggests. tell davis i like choco-chocolate milk, too. and i think it's understandably necessary to sip up the last drop! anywho, hope you are having a fine day, friend!

  2. oh, this is jina by the way. i'm just using the 6:11 account, tee hee eh..