The Army is full of acronyms, this one stands for Special Events Center. It is the location of every Welcome Home Ceremony that will take place in the coming days and weeks. This morning I drove by and the place was packed; cars filled the lots and more were parked as close as possible.

This means only one thing at this particular time: Soldiers are home.

Not mine, not yet, but just the thought of that place full of embraces, smiles, and reunion brought tears to my eyes knowing that it's coming soon.


  1. Praise God for all the safe returns. I know Kevin's will be soon. Prayers for peace during the waiting! N

  2. SO SOON I CAN'T STAND IT! i'm so glad.

  3. Can't wait to see Davis and Ronins face when they see their Daddy, and wtch you run and hug his neck!

  4. We are excited for Kevin's return and happy that you can all be together again!