I know what you're thinking. Is there such a place? I can attest that there is and it's at the Fitz House. Sometime during our stay in Oklahoma Davis became a non-napper. While it has made bed-time a breeze: no more getting up five times a night stalling to go to sleep; my days are now really long. Nap-time was like half-time in a game. It allowed me to re-focus, rest for a minute or two, maybe even get a quick snack, and of course, check my e-mail.

Here's to a new chapter in Davis' life: no more napping! I'm sure we'll come out on top, but for now we're still working through what to do with two extra hours in the day.


  1. Awww, the no nap thing always seems hardest for mom than kid. Nathan is almost 3 and he's already fighting nap time. Jonah gave them up when he turned 3 so you are very blessed to have had Davis nap for so long! You can always implement quiet time so you still get some time to yourself.

  2. I still make Shanti take "rest time". She is allowed to look at books or play on her Leapster, but she has to stay in her room on her bed and BE QUIET! It's been kinda hard since we moved Asha to a big girl bed because now the two like to play rather than rest - and Asha still needs to actually sleep. Maybe you could try a rest time? We also turn on music or let them listen to a podcast. Stay tuned to my blog for kids podcasts we like.