real-deal mom

Yesterday as I looked out my back patio window seeing the jogger stroller, play house, spiderman scooter, and tricycle, I realized something: I'm a mom. I mean, a real-deal mom.

This sounds pretty ridiculous since most of you know that I have two children, which means I've been a mom now for almost five years. The realization this time around is different than it was when I was pregnant with Davis. There was a sudden breakthrough: almost like my reality shifted; that this is really who I am.

Now, let's not be confused, it's not all I am. I am still me, still a daughter, still a friend, still a wife, but being a mother is what I do most and hopefully what I do best.

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  1. oh and you do it so well!!! seriously...i catch myself taking mental notes every time i'm around you and the boys.