If there's one thing the Army teaches you it's that things change (all the time). Life is always changing, but for the majority of the world, that change doesn't disrupt daily life like it does in the Army.

At most jobs, when they send you to a special training event, plane tickets are purchased, hotels are booked, all travel arrangements are made and there's no thought that things may completely change unless there's bad weather. The Army is not this way. When Kevin went to the National Training Center before his last deployment, the date they were supposed to leave changed about four times, it wasn't until about a week away that they gave us a definitive date. I remember thinking that it wouldn't be like that all the time, but boy was I wrong. Change is a way of living for soldiers and their families.

Kevin's unit got stationed at a place that was a pretty low risk area--much to the relief of friends and family. But recently we found out that they are moving--to a higher risk area. While in reality the risk factor is the same anywhere you are, there is a comfort you can take in knowing that less people die everyday in one place than in another. It's because of these kinds of changes happening all the time that trust in the Sovereign God is a necessity in my life. Change isn't so bad when you can lean on Someone who never does.

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