phone cards and missed calls

We thought we were really ahead of the game because a friend of mine informed us that all the phone cards had been purchased in Kuwait, and there were none left, so we got one for him before he left, that stated clearly on the front it was for international use. However, when he arrived and tried to call me, he realized that it also stated clearly on the back that you had to call customer service while still in the U.S. to set it up. He emailed me the card number and pin and customer service number, so I could make the call, this polite man informed me that the card could not be used in the country he was in. There is an excellent website that sells phone cards specifically for deployed soldiers with phenomenal rates, so one of those has been set up.

Knowing this, I have had my phone on me all day today, with the exception of one minute (and I mean that quite literally). I wrote him a novel of an email today, so I ran upstairs to check my email and see if there was a response of any kind, none at all so I ran back downstairs and I had a missed call. [insert sinking feeling in chest] I checked the voicemail, it was him. I cried. Davis looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, are you sad?"
"Yes, I am. That was Daddy who called and I missed it."
"I'm sorry. I'll get you a tissue for you tears, okay?"
And he did.

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