day two

Today has been a little harder. I did hear from Kevin. I got a text message on my phone from a friend of his via yahoo, telling me Kevin was online and waiting to talk to me. I then got a phone call from some lady telling me the same thing (don't really know how that all worked) We were in the car on our way to the mall when all this happened--so I turn around and get back to the house, put a cartoonon for the kids and ran upstairs to try and talk to him. We tried everything and either my computer wouldn't work or his wouldn't, tried AOL, myspace IM, Facebook all for about 45 minutes with little communication. During that time Ronin started screaming. Finally I gave up, went and made Davis his routine lunch of PB&J with yogurt,I was in such a hurry that I put Ronin in his chair but didn't buckle him...he was fussy, so when he was crying I didn't think anything of it, til I turned the corner and he was laying on the ground-he had pushed himself out of the chair!By then, it was time for him to eat too, so I fed him and laid them both down for nap. I heard little whisperings...Davis was leaning over into the crib talking to Ronin, I had to give him a spanking. Then the phone rang, and I hurried downstairs to answer it, all I saw was the 405, so I opened it on up--then realized it was a friend I wasn't really prepared for today, but they just wanted to check in and see how we were doing. Whew...so here it is 2:00, and I still haven't had lunch and Ronin is still rolling around in his crib...wait...I think he must've just fallen asleep. Anyhow, that's been our day so far. :)

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