good to the last drop

I would be willing to guess that every child between the ages of 2-6 would list one of their favorite drinks as chocolate milk (codename, CM, when you don't want your child to know that they may be getting some). The first time I gave Davis some chocolate milk was at our favorite coffee shop in OKC, Wholly Grounds. He drank the entire cup in about two minutes--the straw never left his mouth and his eyes never left the cup!

Today we went to McDonald's and I ordered chocolate milk with his happy meal; he was delighted! He finished his chicken nuggets, so it was time for chocolate milk. I shook it up then opened it, he swallowed it down at about the same pace as that first day. He has learned that if you tilt the cup and put he straw in the crease of the cup that you can get one more little sip, after that, he was satisfied then threw away his cup in the trash. I noticed we had forgotten to throw away the lid, so I asked him to throw it away too. He picked it up and a short gasp escaped his mouth, then he said, "There's a little bit left in the lid." And he licked it up.

Since having kids, I have re-discovered just how good chocolate milk is. When you have endless options at the coffee house counter, we tend to forget just how good the simple things are.

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