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Here are a couple Davis stories:

It is quite amazing to me how much like sponges toddlers are--I'm seeing that I have to be more and more careful with what I say and do. Earlier this week Davis was talking to Spiderman on the phone (pretending, of course) having a real conversation; he was role playing quite well. For a few months now, he has declared his koala his baby sister, so after talking to Spiderman for a while, he asked Spiderman if he wanted to talk to his baby sister. He put the phone up to her ear properly and waited a solid thirty seconds while I assume Spiderman was "talking" to her. When he got back on the phone, he told Spiderman, "She didn't say anything, she's not a very good say-er."


Just yesterday we were at Target with a friend looking at some clothes when a very overweight woman wearing legging-type pants passed us then walked in front of Davis and he says, "Mommy, her bottom looks weird." Forunately he wasn't insulting her, just making an observation, but all I could say was, "Sshh." Then I had to turn away because I was laughing so hard (even though I shouldn't have been). Thank goodness my friend was there, she quickly grabbed something for us to look at and we all talked about it to shift our attention.

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