my new found love for the webcam

It's pretty amazing how fast we can get used to having technology. When I really put things in perspective I am incredibly thankful for the communication that I have with Kevin while he is in Iraq, but I'm spoiled now. He finally got internet in his room, so we had our first successful video call via MSN Messenger yesterday (granted, the service goes in and out). On Tuesday I had about three text messages asking me to log on to the computer because he was online, but that was a failed attempt. Then around 2am Wednesday I awoke to another text message...try number two: another failure. Finally yesterday around 3pm--it worked!! I woke Davis up from his nap so he could see Daddy. Then today Kevin got to see both boys, he even got to see Ronin crawling! And Davis in his pirate costume. Ronin has started pointing and when he saw Kevin, he pointed and said, "Da-da"

I think Kevin and I felt the same: we can make it until October (mid-tour leave) with the webcam. It makes an incredible difference. It was the first time I'd seen his face in four months. Beautiful!

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  1. that's great! i'm glad it's up and running. let's talk soon!