stronger than we thought

I was pleasantly aroused from my sleep this morning around 5am by a phone call, it was Kevin. It had been a week and a half since hearing from him, and I never mind if it's him waking me up. He is doing well, he is however a little sore.

Just yesterday he decided to start working on his legs, so he went to the leg press. His lower body has always been stronger than his upper body so he thought he would start out slow; he put 2 50s and 2 20s on each side and decided to do 3 reps of 12-15. He did a few but felt pretty weak starting off there since this is his strong point. He added 40 to each side. And it wiped him out, he was really disappointed with himself and decided he would do a little more work on his legs and grabbed a 60 lb dumbell to do lunges but barely made it through them, his legs were shaking at the end.

He returned to the Aid Station and one of his buddies asked him how his workout went. He proceeded to explain how he has lost so much strength in his legs and how surprised he was at himself. His buddy asked, "You do know the weights are in kilos not pounds?"

After doing the math, they figured he was pressing about 410 lbs. Not quite as weak as he thought!

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