happiness in an eating establishment?

As I said in an eariler post, we just got home from a fun trip to Oklahoma and Lubbock, TX on Tuesday. When you're driving long distances...with two small children in the car...who sleep often...you start paying attention to nearly everything you pass: license plates, bumper stickers, names of streets, billboards; anything to occupy your mind long enough to keep you awake for just a few more minutes until the next entertaining thought.

I drove by this bumper sticker (on the back of a semi, no less):

HOOTERS makes you happy

Really? My definition and that guy's must be pretty different. How often have you listened to a sermon that makes this great distinction between joy and happiness (too many times?)? I believe and it's affirmed through Scripture, we serve a Happy God. As a result, I believe that He delights in us being happy in Him. Now I understand that joy can endure through all circumstances, but I don't think we are cut off from happiness if we are Christians. In fact, I think it's quite the opposite. I think that in Christ, all things that make us happy: a gentle rain, a delicious dark chocolate truffle, a good conversation with a friend, hearing the true laughter of a child, even sex within the context of marriage are better and significantly more enjoyable.

And maybe this guy just enjoys the chicken wings (I've heard they are really good), but I doubt it. And I find it interesting that with the change of one letter the sticker would read Hooters MAKE you happy. Which leaves you with a completely different meaning, and likely the truer meaning for the fella behind the driver's seat of that semi.

Oh! But may we not be so easily pleased with pleasures such as those, but find the richness of happiness (and joy) that are found with life in Christ!

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