1st trip to the zoo this season

Sorry, I forgot to rotate this one, this was Ronin's first trip to the zoo, and he enjoyed it.
The giraffes are one of my favorite things at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, because of how close you can get!
Davis has just fed this giraffe and had his hand licked, hence the big smile on his face!

In Colorado, you're lucky if you get Spring at all; today felt like the beginning of summer, so we took the opportunity to go to the zoo. It was great, Davis fed the giraffes, Ronin laughed at the gorillas, and the lion was out resting in all his glory!


  1. Those are great pics!

    I luv going to the zoo....and I really enjoy seeing giraffes, because you can usually get close! Lions are KULL DUDES.

  2. I tried to get a picture, but they were too illusive, of the three cubs and the lioness. It was awesome! (I love going to the zoo too, it's not just for the kids)