i love C.S. Lewis

In case you weren't aware, C.S. Lewis is probably my favorite author, and not just for The Chronicles of Narnia (the book series he is well-known for). I bought a book for a friend today by him and thought I would thumb through it before I sent it off. As I am each time I have read a book of his, I was amazed at the honesty and clarity with which he writes. So I thought I would share a couple quotes:

One never meets just Cancer, or War, or Unhappiness (or Happiness). One only meets each hour or moment that comes. All manner of ups and downs. Many bad spots in our best times, many good ones in our worst. One never gets the total impact of what we call 'the thing itself.' But we call it wrongly. The thing itself is simply all these ups and downs: the rest is a name or an idea. (from A Grief Observed)
~This statment resonated with such clarity for me. It is so true; for me it is "Deployment" I am not meeting in its entirety, but in "all manner of ups and downs." I am experiencing it daily (and that for ten more months) and not all at once. For that I am truly grateful, though at times I attempt to fathom or endure the thought of the total impact it is far better that it
comes in moments.

Only a real risk tests the reality of a belief. (also from A Grief Observed)


  1. i love C.S Lewis too!

    I haven't read a whole lot of his non-fiction, although most or all of it is on my long-term reading list.

    my favorite one of all time so far is Perelandra. Have you read the whole Narnia series? I can't decide on my favorites there....

  2. oh, I loved the sci-fi series, especially Perelandra. my favorite in the Narnia series would probably have to be The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and The Last Battle. You should definitely read his non-fiction, it's great! have you read The Great Divorce? i think you would enjoy it.