de-segmenting my life

I just read an article by a guy I know from Lubbock, TX, you can read it here. He brings up several great points, but one in particular provoked my thoughts (it's the third observation, if you read the article). Why is it we as Christians think that we have to live in defined spheres of people, i.e. school/work, friends/folks with common interests, church people? Is the true definition of community when these different worlds we live in collide, or maybe a better word would be fuse? If that happens (true community) living our life as we walk with Jesus would look drastically different---it would look like Life. Regular day-to-day stuff with people who are genuinely seeking to glorify God with their entire beings, and those that aren't would see that Christians are real people too, with the only honest difference being Jesus (the Christ). And that difference would be real enough, joyous enough to visibly see. I think I need to think about this a bit more, but thanks Drew for your thoughts and observations (and admitting there are no easy answers).

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