fun at Burger King

Coming soon: Ironman
Ronin is laughing at Davis in his Ironman sunglasses
Doesn't he look regal?
He can't quite figure out how to put it on his head.


  1. I absolutely love that you continue to update this site! I am glad to hear and see that things are going so well with you and the boys. They're adorable in these pictures.

    Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Fitz!

  2. paul: I love you bother, but I think you are way off basic on this one. Our church is supporting Kevins platoon, and out of 35 members only 6 are belivers, and regardless of what we feel about the war these young men spiritual health is more important than what we think about this war, no one (with the exception of Kristen) want this Done, I have Michael and Kevin envolved in this WAR. but I feel Kevin is a missionary, and these young being indulged with this type of filth, does not help