good job, mom

In the past two weeks or so, Ronin has started asserting his independence. While this is a great sign of growth and maturity, it also makes my days a little more challenging.

I try to really encourage him when he listens and obeys, telling him, "Good job, Ronin!"

A few days ago, I tied Ronin's shoes and when I was done, he said to me, "Good job, Mom!" He now does this for several things: when I buckle his seatbelt, when I change his diaper, or when I fix something. I feel incredibly blessed since it's usually years before your kids tell you you've done a good job!


  1. Noah did that randomly yesterday after I vaccummed (it had been a while). He was probably just thankful for me to turn it off, but when I did, he exclaimed, "That's good, Mommy! That's good!"
    sweet boys...

  2. So cute! Nathan did that the other night as I tucked him into bed. He told me, "Good girl!" and it cracked me up.