on valentine's day

in honor of my valentine:

i still sleep on one side
as if his presence is there
when i'm finally asleep

for fourteen months

i still look over,
imagining him there
hearing our conversations

for two Christmases

i still find in myself
the desire to tell him first:
tiny but exciting details

for four birthdays

i still think he's an
amazing, honorable,
courageous, godly man

for five years

i still love him like
i did that warm august,
but deeper still

for six summers

i still laugh when
he makes silly jokes and
says okie doke artichoke

from 16 to 26

i still ache for his
nearness no matter
how many times he leaves

for four years

i still am amazed at the
goodness and graciousness
of a sovereign God

for life

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