a monster moved in

The first morning Kevin was home, he woke up early and whispered to me, "Do we have stuff that I could make myself breakfast?"

"Yeah, we've only got two eggs, but you could make yourself an omelette with those."
"I usually have either four fried eggs or a four-egg omelette."
Now wide awake, "Oh my gosh!"

It was a pretty serious shock to my system to realize (again) just how much a man eats. He had refrained from telling me at that point that he also usually has 4-6 strips of bacon with those four eggs.


  1. i am SO excited for ya'll to finally be together!!!

    praying that you adjust quickly and have lots of fun ;) ;)

  2. Can you imagine how much your grocery bill will be once you have three grown monsters? I think I might need to work part-time once my boys hit the teenage years just to pay for food! ;)