i wanna be a ranger

Last night I came home to find Kevin and Davis watching a show on the military channel about Army Rangers.  Perhaps the coolest thing for Davis was that he saw the chinook in action.  He received a toy one for Christmas from Grandpa.  

Kevin had told him about riding in one himself while in Iraq and then Davis saw the Rangers riding around in them.  

This morning Davis was talking to Kevin about the helicopter and Kevin asked if he remembered what that particular one was called.

"A chipmunk," he said confidently.  We both laughed and then corrected him, "a chinook."
"A chinook, right," Davis said.

By this afternoon, Davis decided that he wanted to be an Army Ranger.


  1. So cute! I love how little boys want to be just like daddy!

  2. what? no more firetruck man?

    it's like i don't even know him anymore.