creativity from the cradle

From very early on Davis has demonstrated his creativity.  This morning was no different, he stood at his easel, red dry erase marker in hand, looking at what he had created so far.  

"Mommy, do you like it?"  I told him I did, and I was being sincere.  

We were made to be creative, but too many of us abandon it when we start "real life" or we abandon it because we think we have no talent.  It is good for the soul to make, to paint, to create, to exercise our imaginations.  

Start small, go color with your kids, niece, nephew, neighbor, or friend, but keep exercising your creativity (in different ways) and maybe you'll find yourself at an easel, standing back to see what you've made.

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  1. i love your perspectives on life and the way you can put it on paper... er... blogspot.

    i saw your comment on jord's blog about cameras. i love my nikon d40 and it's relatively cheap. if you want to mess with mine next time we're hanging out, let me know! you are so creative, i'm sure you could get great pictures!