a Mother's Day post

I have now been a mother for almost five years.  In those five years I have learned a lot simply by practice.  However, I probably learned most how to be a mother from my own, during the eighteen years I was home.  Here are a few:

1.  It's better to be a parent than a friend.
2.  Rules create responsibility and responsibility produces maturity.
3.  Each child is different and necessitates different discipline.
4.  It is important that a mother love father more than her children.
5.  And that she love Jesus more than him.
6.  Let your children take risks, but be close by.
7.  One of the goals of parenting is to inspire independence.
8.  Truly, there is no greater joy than to see your children walk in Truth.
9.  Teach your children the Bible more than you teach them numbers or the alphabet.
10. It is good to laugh and not take yourself too seriously.
11.  Always respect and honor your husband, it has an effect on children-lifelong.
12. Love your children and value them for their uniqueness.
13. Share in your children's excitement, and sympathize in their sadness.
14. Listen.  And they will return the favor.
15. It is an absolute joy to be a mother.

I could probably go on and on.  Thank you, Momma, for teaching me how to be a mother without even knowing.  You have made me a better mom.


  1. you're so wise! when i have babies, will you make me a list with several hundred things like this? please???

    -alissa (from work)

  2. Thanks so much--you are right, it is a joy!
    I love you.

  3. Amen sister-friend! I have a momma who taught all of the above too and I continue to honor those lessons. Thanks for the reminder, especially #14!