hard to say goodbye

This week will be our last in Colorado.

Tomorrow the movers will come and pack our things and Friday everything gets loaded onto a truck and heads to Oklahoma.

I have never known a parting to be so bittersweet.  The friends we have made here are like family to us and like aunts and uncles to our children (you should have heard the boys' excitement when they saw them on Monday).  Saying goodbye to them will be one of the hardest things we have had to do.

It is an absolute blessing knowing the majority of the 365 days of the year will be spent with my husband and seeing him grow in his relationship with his sons (and me) because we are no longer in the Army.  Being near family again will also be a huge blessing.

I'm left feeling thankful: the closeness of our Colorado family gives me confidence that distance will not destroy the friendships and for what the future holds for us in Oklahoma, though we're moving back, it seems like a brand new place.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmiss you already!! :) love adding new locations to my "visit" list!!

  2. love you too. We are family. Dinner in Bricktown soon.

  3. downtown OKC, maybe...but for sure OKC. you're there right?