disappointing diapers

I am a fan of Target diapers.  They come in a pack of 80 for just $13.99.  They work better than Pampers (in my opinion) and are a much better deal.

That is until yesterday.  I went to Target for the usual pick-up of the jumbo box only to find they were no longer there.  Instead I found this box:
I'm going to assume the "up & up" on the box is indicating the price, because there are now only 70 diapers in the box, but the price is still at $13.99.  If that wasn't enough, the design of the diaper is now a polka dot decoration that is the same front and back.  The old design was another perk of Target diapers (see Abraham's post) because you could easily tell the difference between front and back.  You may think this isn't a big deal, but on more than one occasion I picked up my boys with their diaper on backwards (courtesy of Grandpa).

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  1. No kidding. I noticed that on the old Target diapers. Maybe it is becuase I needed to change Ronin twice in 15 minutes...either way, I hear you even if I only benefit from one sided color once every month.or.so. :)