Dan in Real Life...

Somehow movies provide an escape from reality.

It's not that I forget the reality that I live in: my husband is deployed-it is only just shy of a year until he will be home for good, most days I act as a single parent-even though I'm not one, my children are boys (100%)-and sometimes Mommy just can't cut it when it comes to boxing.

It's strange how letting a movie absorb your present reality can make you lose track of it when the entertainment is over. I would be willing to bet that it was my heart dreaming, but when I tured off "Dan in Real Life" I actually had this feeling that I would go upstairs and he would already be asleep in bed, but it only lasted a moment. That's the nature of reality-it doesn't leave you dreaming for too long.

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  1. that....sucks. I only hope the contentment of your alternate reality somehow made up for the crashing disappointment.