a new name

Throughout the years, I have been called many things:
-the youngest Bice
-little Bice
-Krissy (only by my brothers, and only to irritate me)
-Kris (to a very select few)
-Doc Fitz's wife
-Mrs. Fitz
But a new one just entered the ranks this past weekend. There's a couple that lives by us who have really taken a liking to Davis, in fact, they call him "Hero." And that's because he is (maybe a story I'll tell later), and because they are confident he will be someone great when he grows up. As a mother, I've thought those things for quite some time, but when other people agree, it's great. So to these folks, Davis is never called by his name, he is always called: Hero. Well, the neighbors had some of their family over and we went by to say hi. I was introduced as:

Hero's mom

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